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About Us  

At Dev For SEO we provide Web Development that improves SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). We put an emphasis on Web Development that leads to Website Hits (better SEO). We realise that in this day and age you don't want to commit to big amendments or a website redesign only to find out that your hits are decreasing. Hence the company name "Dev For SEO" :) Please note that this DevForSEO website is going to get redesigned soon.

Services / Tips  Back to Top

We can implement the following Services and you can also use the below information as tips for your website. Back to Top

Dev Work that Leads to HITS  Back to Top

Doing Web development for the sake of giving a website a new "look" or new functionality may not lead to more Hits. Making amendments and improvements that lead to More Hits/More Sales/User Retention makes more sense. Small amendments are also quick and easy to implement. Lets say you did some research that putting a link on your homepage to a another internal page would increase your hits. Small changes like this can have a big impact.

Signup to Google My Business  Back to Top

Customers will be able to find you via Google Search and Google Maps.

Aswell as a Google Map of your Business Location on your website, advertise surrounding suburbs  Back to Top

Advertising your main location is important but customers in surrounding suburbs will also be interested in your business. You can place surrounding suburbs keywords in your content (footer and main content) that will be indexed by google.

Facebook Page for your Company  Back to Top

A Facebook Business page can improve your brand name. You can post regularly to see if you get any "likes".

Twitter Account for your Company  Back to Top

A Twitter account is a good idea if you want your users to stay in touch with your business. Making regular tweets with a footer link back to your website is an excellent way to get more Hits.

Reddit Account for your Company  Back to Top

Reddit.com has topics and discussions on just about anything. You can create an account and start making posts. At the bottom of your posts you can put a footer with a link to your site. Your posts wil also be indexed by Google.

Create a BLOG  Back to Top

Each Blog Entry will have it\'s own Clean URL with optimised Title and Description tag. The content of each Blog Entry should contain Optimised keywords. A blog category will have it's own page and Clean URL with Title and Description tags. Try and have as many Blog categories as possible. Users will find your site through individual articles and these category pages. An article should be assigned one or more than one category.

Contact Us Form must be in a great location of your site  Back to Top

The Contact Us Form is pivotal for leads. It must be placed in a visible location. It should also be linked to from other content pages.

Newsletter Email Field must be in a great location of your site

The Email Field for the Newsletter needs good placement. Perhaps it's always in the header.

Create Drop-down menus that have anchor tags as menu items. This will get spidered by google!  Back to Top

This CSS drop-down isn't your main nav. You can put this CSS drop-down menu anywhere and each menu item is actually an anchor tag linking to a Clean URL. Each menu item will be indexed by google as a separate page. They are quite compact and can be placed anywhere. You can also put interesting/trending menu items here.

Create a Sitemap and submit it to Google  Back to Top

A Sitemap has all the URLs of your website. In order to help Google Index your site you can submit an XML site map into Google Search Console.

Cross Marketing  Back to Top

If you pages have particular content in the body of the page you can cross-market other content/products on the right hand side column. Of course it's advantageous if the two are some what related. If a product/content is not selling well, that will become your right hand side content.

Setup a Newsletter  Back to Top

A Newsletter can be a page on your website with it's own Clean URL. It can then be indexed by google. The News Homepage will always change but your new articles will stay as is and they will become historical records. News articles have a publication date.

Link Out to External Websites  Back to Top

In your articles you can have links to exterior articles/definitions etc. These external links, if they come from big websites, give your page more weight. Of course those links should open a new tab.

Plugins  Back to Top

PHP/Wordpress Plugin to do with Content Creation

Dev For SEO has created a Plugin (for both PHP and Wordpress) that allows you to highlight keywords in your existing content and it automatically creates a New Auto Content Page for that keyword. More information to be provided when we consult with you :)